Economic Growth


  • Develop a strategic plan to guide Pensacola’s progress
  • Promote progress and economic development, while retaining and leveraging our rich culture and history
  • Proactively encourage business growth to attract high paying jobs in our community
  • Invest in the success of local entrepreneurs and existing businesses
  • Support the continued revival of Pensacola’s diverse neighborhoods while honoring their cultural history and developing a sense of community
  • Partner with the school system and higher education institutions to grow a trained work force

Safe Neighborhoods

Vibrant Community

Economic Growth

A business without a business plan is doomed to failure. A City without a strategic plan, is unlikely to meet its citizens’ goals.

As Yogi Berra famously said, “if you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there”.

In designing our city, we need to focus on the things that make cities great. And we need to have a plan. What attributes of great cities do we want here? How do biking and walking paths, residential development, commercial development, recreational activities, access to the waterfront, parking and our historical roots all work together to make Pensacola the economically vibrant community that we all know it can be. Let’s get some of those old studies off the shelf, dust them off, and reimagine what we can be.

I commit to you that I will work together with the Mayor and Council to develop a strategic plan that represents our community’s vision for its future. I will make decisions that align with this vision and prioritize projects and actions that will move Pensacola forward.