“I am the retired Chief of Police with the Pensacola Police Department and currently serve as the Chief Deputy for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.
I have worked closely with City Council members for years and I believe that an effective council member should possess three qualities. First, they should be informed. Having an in-depth knowledge of the issues is critical to making an informed decision. Second, they should be able to work well with other council members, the public and the Mayor’s Office. Third, they should not be afraid to make a decision. Allison Patton possesses all these characteristics and has additional skill sets that are needed to be an effective member of the council. 
I live in District 6 in the heart of Downtown Pensacola. I am voting for Allison Patton because I believe that she is the most qualified and has the passion to make a difference in helping Pensacola move forward.”
Tommi S. Lyter,
Chief Deputy Escambia County Sheriff’s Office
“I’m a big believer that if you don’t have safety in the community you have nothing.
The reasoning is simple, people do not want to live and work in a place where they feel unsafe. This is the same for everyone, no matter which neighborhood you reside in. I’ve spoken to Allison in great detail, and have found she absolutely understands the importance of community safety and the issues it presents for District 6. As a resident of District 6, I feel there is an uneasiness of whether residents truly feel safe.
Do they feel safe to walk alone? Do they feel safe running in the early morning or late at night? The answer, I think, is community safety is not where it needs to be currently in our Pensacola neighborhoods, as well as Downtown.
This is why I am so thrilled Allison is running for District 6. Someone of her caliber who not only wants to serve our Pensacola community, but has a strategic plan and tactics to go along with it, in order to make our community safer. We are extremely fortunate to have her, and I think it would be a grave mistake not to elect Allison Patton for City Council District 6.”
Quint Studer,
Community Volunteer   |   Owner, Pensacola Blue Wahoos
Quint Studer Endorsement for APatton
I worked for the City for 40 years and I know that we can do better.  I support Allison Patton because she has a heart for our community and the ability to get things done.  
John “JC” Carter, Trustee
Houser Memorial AME Zion Church
“I strongly endorse Allison Patton to represent District 6 where I work and live.  She has the character, common sense, and experience to ensure that our city government works effectively in the public interest.”
Dr. Ken Ford
Entrepreneurial Scientist
Allison was an integral member of the Homeless Reduction Task Force of NWF as we were developing our mission and goals in 2020.   When the Sub-committees were formed, she accepted the position as co-chair of the Legal Services/Criminal Justice/Specialty Courts Subcommittee. As I have worked with her,  I have watched her focus on an issue, research the data and available solutions and devise a strategy to address the issue.    Allison is smart, a great collaborator and has tremendous energy and work ethic. We need a proactive problem solver like Allison on City Council.  She is a winner and she has my vote!”
Connie Bookman,
Community Volunteer & Co-Chair of the NWFL Homeless Reduction Task Force
Allison Patton has the intellect, passion, energy and business acumen to lead District 6 and our City.  We need strong leaders who are focused on smart growth and getting things done.  Allison’s business, finance and legal background make her uniquely qualified to represent District 6.  I know that she will tirelessly work to improve the lives of all citizens in our community and move Pensacola forward.”
Ashton Hayward,
Mayor of Pensacola 2011-2018
“The Pensacola that we are fortunate to enjoy today is the result of early leaders, who over many years have wisely guided, nurtured and served our fine city.  Included in those leaders are the Patton family who brought a broad range of skills to the community – doctors with various medical expertise, builders, financial planners, and in the case of Allison Patton, Fortune 100 corporate financial services litigation experience.  In her final career years at Morgan Stanley, she served a lengthy and successful tour as Co-Head and then Head of Retail Litigation for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.
Still energetic and engaged, she desires to continue her service to our community and to the betterment of Pensacola, the finest city in the panhandle of Florida.  Allison’s legal and business experience, coupled with her deep understanding of financial matters will greatly enhance the work of the City Council as it plans for the future or our community.  I am honored to support her as she runs for the District 6 City Council seat.”
Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh,
US Navy – Retired
“The most important service a city can provide is Public Safety.  As a Police Officer for thirty-two years, I believe the City of Pensacola has had the best Police and Fire Departments for years.  Having talked with her, I know that Allison will do everything in her power to ensure this tradition continues!  As a resident of the City of Pensacola and of District 6 for twenty-nine years, I ask you join me in supporting her in her quest to represent us!”
John W. Mathis
Retired Pensacola Police Chief 2002-2010
Allison Patton was a faithful, generous, and active member of The Mission Anglican Church in Pensacola for several years.  She was especially active in our Youth Program where she hosted youth gatherings and even chaperoned the Youth Group on Mission Trips to Peru and Rwanda.  Allison also hosted several church social gatherings in her home.  She is a devout, kind and loving Christian and a personal friend.  She has raised four amazing children while working as a Head of Litigation and Managing Director for Morgan Stanley.  She is a truly remarkable person and I am honored to enthusiastically endorse her candidacy to the Pensacola City Council.”   
 –Rev. Ron Browning
“Allison Patton will be an outstanding elected member of the Pensacola City Council. Her background in business and her desire to address the issues that affect District 6 and all the citizens of Pensacola will ensure our city moves forward in a safe and progressive manner. Allison has a proven track record of accomplishments, and I know that she will continue to work hard for the benefit of our community.”
Mike Wiggins,
Former Mayor of Pensacola 2009 – 2011   |   Former Pensacola City Council Member
“I spent some time with Allison Patton this weekend and we discussed a myriad of issues from homelessness, haphazard development, affordable housing, parking, support of the Veterans’ Park and efforts to place a permanent restroom at that site. Following our discussions, I have decided to endorse her in her bid for City Council in the Fall general election as I was convinced that her vision for these issues was consistent with mine. I believe she is ready to do the hard work and research necessary to find solutions to the many problems facing our city and that she will listen to all opinions in her quest for solutions. As I step away from the race, I remain committed to staying involved in the community and holding our leaders accountable for improved transparency and partnership with residents.”  
 –Dr. Maureen “Mo” O’Hara Padden
“I am delighted and consider it a privilege to speak on behalf of Allison Patton. A woman of the highest moral standards, she is a most exceptional person, role model, and professional, and is more than qualified, and ready, to represent District 6 of the Pensacola City Council. Since our initial meet/greet a few years ago, Allison and I have served on community boards together and volunteered in support of a number of not-for-profit organizations. An outstanding leader, what is most impressive about Allison is her heart for people and relentless dedication towards helping others. A talented pianist, what I recall impressing me most is her selfless commitment and hard work in support of the Pensacola Community Music School (PCMS). Serving in a number of roles since her tenure as a board member began, Allison is the lynchpin and glue that holds PCMS together. Personable, visionary, hardworking, humble, and extremely caring, she epitomizes Winston Churchill’s mantra, “Never give up.” Calm, skilled and confident, her demeanor is consistently steady when all is well and during moments beset with challenges. Without a doubt, Allison is what Pensacola needs to move FORWARD!”
Ava Jones, PhD, MSM, RN CDR (ret), NC, USN
Ava C. Jones, PhD picture
In the Blue Angels we aspired to perfection in our performance and were conscious of the consequences of less than complete dedication to our task. Allison has always approached her responsibilities and her life with equal dedication. Her ability to instantly understand a situation, focus on its essence and formulate solutions is remarkable. She has a deep personal commitment to others and a willingness to use her talents on their behalf. I cannot give a higher endorsement of her election to the Pensacola City Council.
 – LCDR. Bruce Davey
Blue Angels Pilot  |  USN Ret.

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